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Choosing the right appointment reminder software isn't just about finding a feature-rich, affordable program for automated appointment reminder messages. It's also about finding a company that will support you and work to resolve any issues quickly. Whether you're looking for an automated appointment reminders service for the first time, or ready to switch from your existing provider, here's three reasons Reminderly's customer services stand above the competition.

A Personalized Experience

You aim to treat your clients with a personable, individualized touch, whether you're speaking with them on the phone or reaching them with automated appointment reminders--so why should your appointment reminder provider be any different. They should offer you a personalized experience that makes you comfortable approaching them with any issues or questions.

At Reminderly, each client is assigned a customer service representative. This rep will always be your main point of contact for trainings, product questions, online calendar integrations, and more. Your customer service rep is attuned to your business needs and dedicated to helping your find the best appointment reminder setup for your industry. At Reminderly, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to our client interactions.

Rapid Response Times

Because you're assigned a specific customer service representative, you can be certain of quick communication with a single point of contact. Whether you need help syncing an existing calendar, want to discuss strategies to reduce no shows, or have a question about payment processing, your representative is guaranteed to help you quickly resolve any concerns. You won't be left sitting on hold for hours or sending repeated follow-up emails to no reply.

Simple, Direct Communication

In many cases at other companies, interacting with customer service can feel like you're walking through a maze. Figuring out who to contact can be half the battle, and once you do, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to contact them quickly or easily. Our approach to customer service cuts out fumbling through phone trees and chasing a response over email.

Instead, your assigned representative will always be your primary point of contact. If they can't answer a question for you right away, they'll know who to contact within the organization. This approach will save time for you, and it gives you full control over our services, without hidden fees, fine print, and gotchas.

Why Choose Reminderly for Appointment Reminders?

If stellar customer service isn't enough, there's plenty of other reasons to choose Reminderly. Here's just a few of the features that make us stand out in the industry.

Multi-Channel Communication for Appointment Reminders

Reminderly makes it easy to communicate via text messages, email reminders, and phone calls, all from one simple, intuitive interface. Harnessing the power of multi-channel communication makes it easy to reach all of your customer base, regardless of their age and communication preferences. Send automatic appointment reminders via any or all available channels, manage waitlists, and facilitate two-way communication, all from one browser window.

Drive Business Revenue

Routine no shows can eat into your income, and even if you have a fully booked schedule, all it takes is a few missed appointments to harm your bottom line. One of the best ways to cut down on late arrivals and last minute cancellations is to send reminders. When you remind clients, they appreciate the effort you put in, and they're also more likely to show up on time.

Additionally, you can use Reminderly to gather client feedback. Satisfied customers can be encouraged to leave reviews on your Google business page. The more positive reviews you have, the easier time you'll have with lead generation and attracting new clients. Reminderly isn't just for sending appointment reminders--it offers a full suite of tools that can help you foster business growth.

Appointment Reminders Made Easy

Text reminders, voice calls, and emails can all be managed with customizable templates and an easy scheduling tool. You'll be able to 'set it and forget it.' Additionally, Reminderly integrates with most common scheduling software, such as Outlook, Google calendar, and more.

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