Customer feedback is critical to understanding customer needs and making the necessary adjustments to address them. For businesses that rely heavily on quality service to drive referrals, from medical practices to home contractors, gathering and analyzing customer feedback can make or break the business. However, it can be difficult to develop effective feedback loops that allow businesses to compile and analyze customer comments. Due to constrained or limited resources, many of these businesses do not proactively collect and monitor conversations around their brands.  


Collecting customer feedback is critical to business success because it allows businesses to:

  • Understand customer churn and what is driving customers to and away from the business
  • Identify customer preferences that drive new product offerings or operating procedures
  • Gather competitive research to assess how your business compares to competitor performance


The Importance of Real-Time Customer Feedback

Memories fade quickly; the ability to accurately capture customer feelings about an interaction is impacted by when the feedback is requested. Because customers are more likely to remember experiences positively and accurately when they have just occurred, it’s important to send customer feedback surveys within a few days after a customer interaction.


Extend Your Online Presence

Online properties are a critical channels for any business today, from mom & pop stores to Fortune 500s. These include not only a company’s website, but social media sites where customers post and read reviews. Using customer feedback tools, businesses can ask their most evangelical supporters to help get the word out about the business.


Easy Integration with Existing Systems

In order for customer feedback to be effective, it needs to seamlessly integrate with a company’s existing systems and processes. Collecting customer comments should be automatic. Using software that integrates with your appointment scheduling software is an easy way to ensure that feedback is collected from all customers and in a timely manner. Companies should then integrate reviewing the feedback into their existing processes – weekly management meetings, employee reviews, etc. Companies that actively integrate customer feedback into their daily operations from the management team down to the front lines are significnatly more likely to outlast the growth of their competitors.
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