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The Importance of Dedicated Phone Numbers for Appointment Reminders

When you’re setting up your appointment reminder system, one thing to consider is the number that your customers will see when they get a call or a text message from you. Many offices choose to go with “short codes,” using these in place of a dedicated phone line. Short codes are usually five numbers long, as opposed to a dedicated line, which is usually ten. Short codes are shared among numerous different businesses, often as many as hundreds or even thousands for a single line. With a short code, customers sign up to receive specific messages by using a particular keyword–for example, when you’re asked to text “DISCOUNT993865” for a discount at a retailer.

Using a dedicated line, on the other hand, is often the more beneficial choice for your office and your customers. In this blog post, we'll look at why having a dedicated phone number for appointment reminders instead of generic “short codes” is important.

It’s easy for your customers to call back to a dedicated line

If you’re dealing with a new customer—or even a long-term one who simply hasn’t stored your number—using a dedicated line makes it easy for customers to respond immediately to their appointment reminder. Many customers will be more likely to remember to reschedule if they can do so on the spot instead of having to go through the hassle of remembering to call in, coming up with the number, and getting back to you in a timely manner. With a dedicated number, customers can simply call back the number and the call will be forwarded to your business line.

A dedicated line allows customers to text you back

In today’s fast-paced society, finding the time to make a phone call can be difficult. Even with the best of intentions, many customers may find it difficult to remember to call in to reschedule an appointment. More and more consumers—especially those age 50 and younger—say they prefer business texting and look favorably on businesses that offer two-way texting.

Allowing text rescheduling through your dedicated phone line means that your customers can handle updates to their appointment immediately. Whether they’re glancing down at their phone while handling other tasks in the office or killing time during a morning bus or train ride, it’s easy to quickly reschedule an appointment. Texting saves everyone time and effort—and with a dedicated line, you make that option available for your clients. Our customers have repeatedly told us that with Reminderly, their customers text them back when they can’t make an appointment instead of just not showing up at their scheduled time.

Have a recognizable number

Most people today don’t answer phone calls if they don’t recognize the number, and sms messages are frequently ignored when they come from a number that isn’t recognizable. By using a dedicated phone line for your appointment reminder system, your clients will recognize that it’s you calling or texting. This is particularly important if you want them to answer the phone for an appointment reminder call. Otherwise, the call will likely end up going unheard in voice mail. Keeping a dedicated phone number for your appointment reminder system also allows you to use an area code that your clients will recognize rather than having a call come through from a place they don’t recognize.

Recycle keywords

With short codes, which are shared among so many different businesses, it can be difficult to come up with keywords that are easy to remember, simple, and aren’t already in use. When you have a dedicated line for your business, on the other hand, you can use any keyword you like. All of the messages go straight to your company, so if you don’t want to use a keyword, that’s okay, too. It’s all based on what’s convenient for you and your customers.


Using a dedicated phone number for your appointment reminder system is more convenient for your customers and will help produce positive associations and loyalty toward your business. Although the short code system gets a lot of use, it doesn’t allow you to receive calls or text messages back in response to your appointment reminders. By using a dedicated phone number, you add a new level of professionalism to your business and show your customers how dedicated you are to customer service and convenience. At Reminderly, we understand the importance of having a dedicated phone line for all of your appointment reminders. If you’re looking for an appointment reminder system that comes with a dedicated phone line, contact us today.

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