employee burnout is avoidable

Using Appointment Reminders to Reduce Burnout

Burnout is a common experience among professionals and workers in many, if not most, fields. It frequently arises from unmitigated work-place stress and overwork and can make workers feel exhausted, unengaged in work, and cynical. Appointment reminder software is a necessary tool for managing burnout and maximizing employee wellness and productivity. Happiness is contagious, and happy employees lead to happy clients. Don’t let burnout get in-between the relationships between clientele and providers.

How Appointment Reminder Software reduces employee workload

For large and small business alike, employees have many responsibilities beyond appointment scheduling and follow-ups. Appointment confirmation can easily be handled by automated appointment reminders so that employees can focus more on other important areas of their work. Instead of sitting at a desk and sending text reminders, email reminders, or making phone calls ad nauseum, which can easily feel tedious and draining, employees can be more engaged with clients in the office and other aspects of their positions. By being able to spend time on fewer areas of work, employees are more productive and happier because they are not split in so many directions.

  • Calling multiple clients and repeating the same phrase can feel mind-numbing and draining, which is an integral factor that leads to employee burnout. It’s hard to flip the switch after calling dozens of clients and return to other work tasks with a positive attitude. We remind clients of their appointments so that you don’t have to.
  • Many businesses send multiple reminders - perhaps at the time that they book their appointment and again as their appointment approaches. This can also feel tedious as employees call or text yet again. Some employees may sound apologetic: “Hi, it’s me again, I just want to remind you of your appointment... again.” Some employees may sound frustrated with clients that have not yet confirmed their appointment, even after multiple attempts. Additionally, some employees may sound frustrated with a client who repeatedly cancels. These are essential components of any business, but employees do not need to do all of the reminding. That’s our job.
  • Double-checking the work of other employees can be frustrating and can harm the important bonds that employees form with one another. Perhaps a dentist repeatedly asks the receptionist or office manager if clients have confirmed their appointments and wants to double check. This may be extra work for the dentist and make the employee feel micromanaged. With appointment reminder software, this extra step becomes obsolete.

How no-shows harm businesses and employee morale

Employee Morale
  • Many employees did not enter their field to remind clients of their appointments. Especially in small businesses where business owners need to do many different tasks until they grow enough to hire more employees, Reminderly can take the burden of reminding clients. By using Reminderly, employees are free to do and enjoy the parts of their job that make them happy.
Loss of Revenue
  • No shows significantly stress the health of any business or practice by reducing revenue, patient engagement, and increasing financial instability. Without steady sources of income, paying rent or compensating employees becomes challenging.
Fractured Relationships
  • When patients miss an appointment, the relationship between the practice and the client is fractured: no client, no relationship. After a no-show, the likelihood of a client booking appointments in the future declines. Unpredictable client relationships increases stress in the workplace, not only in terms of revenue, as mentioned earlier, but in a multitude of other ways.
  • Many businesses thrive off of customer relationships, whether it is a salon, massage therapist, or a dentist. When a client and provider have an established relationship, and the client repeated misses appointments, the client may stop using the provider entirely out of embarrassment. While this hurts a business, it also removes the possibility of the client referring others.
Office Management Instability
  • An important part of office management is managing the supply of necessary items to meet client demand. With no-shows, the functionality of the office declines. Business owners and employees suffer.
  • For example, ordering business supplies to meet client needs becomes challenging: how much should a spa order of the necessary ingredients for face masks, massage oil, fresh fruit for complimentary flavored water, without the excess going bad? Hair salons face a similar concern with shampoo and conditioner, both of which have a finite shelf-life. Another example is healthcare office supplies: how much fluoride or novocaine does a dental practice need to order?
  • An important part of a successful business is commensurate staffing. If an office schedule is set and multiple customers no-show, the office will be overstaffed. Waiting for a client to show up, only to find out that they are a no-show, this can be very frustrating and add to additional frustrations in the work place. Though an office may be able to respond to schedule changes in real-time, this wastes employee and employer time and is a negative experience.

How Reminderly improves the health and wellness of your employees

Reminderly is an easy-to-use appointment reminder app with many opportunities for integration, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. It is entirely customizable, right down to the message that you send to your client. We can send reminder messages and notifications, either by text message, email reminders, or phone calls. SMS messages and emails offer an excellent way to connect with tech-savvy clients. To make this transition easier for your business, we offer templates that are fully customizable to add to your businesses functionality. For large and small businesses alike, we offer a 14-day free trial and flexible pricing to further accommodate business owners' needs.

Our appointment scheduling software works on both android and iOS devices so that we can assist your connections with your clients, regardless of their sms text platform.

With a consistent show rate, businesses can do what they do best - interact with customers. Office management becomes more simple without the constant concern over show rates. Office staff can focus on scheduling, ordering materials, and facilitating business growth. Clientele are served more readily, increasing and cementing their relationship with the business.

While burnout is common, it does not need to happen to your employees. With appointment confirmation software, employees can do their job while we do ours.

The bottom line is this: Reminderly lets you focus on your clientele and removes one more worry from your workload.

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