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How to customize automatic appointment reminders

We know the drill. You look at your appointment book for the next week, realize most clients have not confirmed, and you do the math to calculate how much revenue you will lose if the clients don’t show. You get nervous (after all, the economy is still stabilizing after the pandemic). You pick up the phone, sit down at your computer, or open your phone to start reaching out to clients. You freeze again. You’re tired from already working and now you have to spend more time and effort to maintain your clientele. You stare at the text message, or the email, or the phone and the words escape you. What next?

Before you begin: realizing you need a appointment reminder software

It is important to identify the need - and yes, we all need help with our businesses and clients. No small business is too small and no big business is too big to improve. This is our specialty, so that you can continue to do what you do best, whether that is cutting hair, giving massages, or dental cleanings. You do the work and we do the reminding. At Reminderly, we offer an all-in-one appointment reminder systems, complete with templates, fully customizable messages, and completed automated.

Step 1: Find the right method for you and your clients: sms, email, or voice calls

It’s no secret that communication is challenging and finding the right method for you and your clients is nuanced. Reminderly is here to assist with these small differences. Perhaps your business mainly caters to populations over 70 years of age, for whom text reminders may not be the best fit. Similarly email reminders might not reach the customer the way you want. Reminderly has you covered with fully customizable scripts through a number of avenues. For this customer group, phone calls may be the best way to engage with a customer to confirm an appointment. Notifications are only as good as the method for notifying and Reminderly offers complete flexibility for businesses and practitioners to find the right method for their clientele. With Reminderly, you can send appointment reminder texts, email reminders, and/or voice call reminders.  

Step 2: Find the right words

Words carry so much more meaning than their dictionary definitions. Many restaurants train servers to ask patrons if they have “finished enjoying their meal” instead of “are you all finished?” Or questions like “how is it going?” when the server tries to find out if they are happy with their meal. Words provide cues for clientele on how to respond. For example “How’s it going?” might solicit “good” whereas “Have you enjoyed everything so far?” will provide servers with more information. At Reminderly, we know that you know your clients best, and we are here to be the platform that solidifies your connection to them. With some businesses, that may mean a fully customizable script for sms notifications, email notifications, or phone notifications. Other businesses, meanwhile, may need a short and simple standardized message, which is totally understandable. At Reminderly, we are there for all types of businesses and offer full flexibility to customize any message or provide a many templates to choose from.  

Step 3:  Managing upcoming appointments

It is easy for clients and businesses alike to struggle with appointment scheduling. Reminderly offers the perfect tool to remind, prompt, and confirm appointments, which benefits every party. We know that you are busy providing the best services to your clients.  Let us take the grunt work of automated appointment reminders off of your hands so that you can do what you do best. If you are not worried about your appointments and no-show rate, you are liberated to provide the best services to your clientele.

Step 4: Remind and confirm

You’ve already booked the appointment with your client. And you’ve probably already written a reminder card or asked them to put it into their Google Calendar. Though a reminder a day or two before the appointment is often the difference between a successful client visit and a no-show. A client that received the service is significantly more likely to schedule in the future. A client that was a no-show is likely to skip future appointments or to not return overall. Getting a client in the door is second only to providing your services. Reminderly offers a multitude of ways to automate patient engagement and patient satisfaction which all begin and end with reminding the client of their appointment. Furthermore, patients who receive appointment reminders are exponentially more likely to attend their appointment and rebook for future appointments. Built in to the functionality of Reminderly is every tool that you need to remind and confirm patient appointments.

Step 5: Follow-up

You’ve done the work - provided your services and re-booked the client for the future. But how was their appointment? Many clients and patients are uncomfortable providing honest feedback in person. We’ve all been there - you show up for an appointment on-time, it proceeds well (as expected), you book a future appointment, and leave. You’re fully satisfied with the service provided. It met every expectation and need. Therefore, you’re unlikely to post online or write a review that it was outstanding, because the service was great and it was exactly what you are accustomed to. A client becoming used to fantastic service is great and should not detract from your business’s ratings. It is well known that both the happiest and unhappiest clientele provide the majority of the reviews online, so ratings are skewed. Instead of celebrating and mourning every positive and negative review, your business could let Reminderly do that work. We will follow up with your clients to find out how they felt about service. This removes the halo/thorn bias and prompts clients to report honest feedback that can only help your business grow.

Why reminderly

Whether your profession is healthcare, wellness care, or education, you should not need to specialize in anything else. You provide your expert service, and we remind your client of their appointment. Leave the upcoming appointment reminders to us. That’s our specialty so that you can focus on yours. Reminderly offers the sought-after flexibility that businesses, large and small, need to succeed. We work hard to create an easy to use product that fits directly in your existing workflows, even integrating with popular scheduling software.  We offer flexible pricing and 14-day trials to ensure that we are able to meet all of the reminder needs for your business. If you need anything else, just ask!

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