Client texting directly with a business that has auto sms responses

Unlock the Power of SMS: Boosting Business with Text Message Auto Replies

Utilizing the power of text messages is an easy way to communicate directly to your customers. When they can interact directly with your business on their smartphone, customer engagement and satisfaction will be higher. To get the most out of your text messages, here's a few of the ways you can leverage an auto reply feature.

After Hours Text Messages

By defining the range of your business hours in your text messaging software, you can create an automated text message that sends when clients contact you after hours. This message is fully customizable, and can quickly notify your clients of business hours and the best way to reach you when your business is open. All you have to do is set the hours of the week you're open, craft your custom message, and you're ready to maintain client contact via text messages, even when no one is in the office.

Default Text Message

If you send reminders via text but don't monitor replies, a default sms response is a good idea. When clients respond to a sms appointment reminders, they'll automatically receive a text back, without any extra work on your end. You can customize this message--consider notifying your clients that text messages are not read by staff, and then provide a phone number where they can easily reach your office. These default texts ensure that client communication remains clear, and that no client is stuck expecting a response when they text their automatic appointment reminders back.

Keyword Text Message

Utilizing a keyword function is a useful way to clear up clients' frequently asked questions without the need to call your office. By specifying keywords in your sms reminder software, you can create an auto reply that provides further information for clients. Here's a few keywords you might consider using to make life easier for your clients.


You want to keep your text message appointment reminders compact, and including your full business hours can clutter a reminder text. Instead, offer the option for clients to text "Hours" to receive the full list of your hours of operation. You can also use this feature to let clients know of any closures for holidays, renovations, or other reasons.


If clients frequently have questions that are too long or complicated to answer via text message, you can have them reply "Support" and set the auto-reply to offer a dedicated support phone line or a customer service email where clients can get their questions answered efficiently.


If your business operates from multiple locations, or you offer services from different locations on certain days, offering an auto-reply when clients text "Location" can be a great way to clarify client questions. After all, you don't want any missed appointments because a client went to the wrong location or struggled to find your office.


If your business offers an app that integrates with your services, spreading awareness and encouraging your clients to download it can be difficult. Including the option to reply "Download" to a text message reminder message, then providing a link to install the app cuts out the hassle of navigating to the app store and searching.


As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to drive return visits and boost revenue. Customers love it when they receive special offers from businesses they frequent. In occasional reminder texts, you can include the option to text "Offer"--customers who do will be notified of a limited-time deal, or offered a link to a coupon that they can use at your business.

Setting up Auto Reply Messages With Reminderly

Reminderly is an intuitive appointment reminder service that streamlines the process of sending email, phone, and sms reminders to your customers. Setting up auto replies in your account is easy. Just log in, then select settings in the upper right. Choose "Auto Replies" from the options list, then click the blue + button to create a new auto reply.

In the dropdown menu, choose whether you want to create a Keyword, After Hours, or Default auto reply. For Keyword, you'll need to specify the keyword you want to use, then enter your custom text in the message field. For After Hours, simply set your business hours and enter your custom text, and for Default, just enter the message you want as your standard reply. Then click Create.

Now your new auto reply will show in the Auto Replies list. From here, you can click the blue + to create another auto reply, or use the icons on an existing message to edit or delete an auto reply. That's how easy it is to set up and manage your auto replies!

To make sending appointment reminders and managing your scheduling easier, sign up for Reminderly today. Our free two week trial is a no-risk way to try sending text message reminders, as well as phone and email reminders. If you decide Reminderly is right for your business, you'll get access to auto replies, waitlist functionality, customer surveys, and more, all at one affordable rate. To see how your bottom line could benefit, try out our ROI calculator and you'll see that Reminderly makes sense.

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