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Top 10 Must Have Features of Appointment Reminder Software

Missed appointments, administrative backlog, and client confusion can negatively impact your revenue and business image. One simple step toward better scheduling, simplified admin, and improved client retention is using appointment reminder software to track bookings, notify clients when their scheduled service is approaching, and encourage follow-up appointments.

With so many options to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to get started, and you might worry that integrating new scheduling software into your workflow will be difficult. As you’re looking for software that’s a good fit for your business model, make sure it has the features listed below and you'll be able to send appointment reminders, collect client feedback, and manage appointment openings, all from one platform.


1. Multiple Communication Channels

If your client base spans generations and demographics, having multiple ways to reach them makes sense. Older clients might prefer a phone call to remind them of their appointment, while younger ones may like the ease of text reminders. Your appointment reminders should have the option to reach your customers by phone, SMS, and email, and the ability for clients to choose the communication channel that they prefer. When your clients receive appointment reminders through their preferred method, they're more likely to respond and show up to their scheduled service.


2. Customizable Messaging

Automated appointment reminders can reduce no-shows and help you build a loyal client base, but messaging that seems too formal can get lost in the flood of digital information. If your business offers multiple services, you may want to change your reminder based on the type of appointment. With customizable text and email reminders, you can add a personal touch to your messaging, such as the client’s name or a catchy opening line. Your clients will appreciate the effort, and your reminders will be less likely to get lost in an inbox.


3. Calendar Integration

An online calendar is indispensable for keeping track of the day-to-day in your business, so the reminder software you choose should seamlessly integrate with your app of choice. With appointment reminders that sync with your scheduling software, you can plan your day at a glance, schedule client reminders, and change bookings on the fly. Reminderly works with common platforms like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Excel, Calendly, and iCloud, and we can build additional custom integrations to work with your online calendar or scheduling software.


4. Intuitive User Experience

Appointment reminder software is there to make running your business easier—but clunky, confusing software can be more hassle than it’s worth. The program you choose should have an approachable, streamlined interface that makes creating reminders a snap. Extra features should be easy to access, but unintrusive if you don’t use them. Automated appointment reminders should be simple to add or change.


5. Wait Lists

Even with automatic appointment reminders, you may have clients with schedule conflicts or other reasons they can't make an appointment. These last minute cancellations can hurt your bottom line and leave gaps in your schedule.

With a wait list function, your appointment reminder software can offer openings to clients on a first come, first serve basis. Once the appointment is filled, other clients on the wait list will be notified that it is no longer available. With this feature, you won't lose revenue because of cancellations, and your clients will be happy to get appointments sooner.


6. Two-way Communication

Appointment reminders should have two-way functionality so that clients can respond with questions, confirm their appointment, or reschedule if needed. Studies show that 83% of customers would prefer appointment reminders via text, and many of them want the ability to respond to reminder texts instead of calling. Giving your clients the ability to reach you directly via text creates a painless experience, and makes it easier for your business to manage appointments.


7. Post-appointment Feedback

Gauging client satisfaction is one of the best ways to improve customer service and boost your chances of good word of mouth. With appointment reminder software, you can easily follow up with clients after their scheduled service and encourage them to fill out a quick survey. You can nudge satisfied clients to leave a review on your social media channels, or reach out to resolve any problems with a dissatisfied customer.


8. Desktop and Mobile Friendly

Whether they’re checking an email reminder on their laptop or confirming their appointment on their smartphone, your clients will be accessing their appointment reminder messages across digital platforms. The appointment reminder software you choose should seamlessly move between desktop and mobile platforms for an easy, approachable client experience.


9. Bulk Messaging

Giveaways, holiday specials, and other special events are a great way to boost client engagement with your business. With a mass messaging feature in your appointment reminder software, you can reach your client base quickly. Like a blind copy email, people receiving these messages will only be able to see themselves. This feature can also be used to notify your customers of changes to locations or hours, saving your administrative team time.

10. Data Analytics

When you send appointment reminders, it's helpful to be able to see that clients have received their email reminders, responded to sms messages, or picked up the phone. Using these statistics, you can determine which type of appointment reminders are most effective for your clientele.

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