Google calendar for appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders for Google Calendar or Google Sheets

Google Calendar is among the most popular calendar systems in both personal and business settings. While Google Calendar’s internal reminder system works well to remind yourself about upcoming events or appointments, for service businesses that use Google Calendar and want to send outgoing reminders, an add-on is needed.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how an easy-to-use reminder service like Reminderly integrates with your Google Calendar to send text reminders, email reminders, and/or automated phone call reminders to your clients. We’ll also look at Google Sheets as a fully automated spreadsheet solution for both tracking appointments and sending reminder notifications.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a commonly used online calendar app for businesses. Business owners can use it as their primary scheduling software, simply logging Google Calendar appointments to keep track of their schedules. Small businesses can usually use the free version of the software, which comes with any Google account, to book appointments. Larger businesses, or those that simply want the added features and security, often opt for the business version that’s part of the Google Workspace suite (formerly called G Suite).

With its simple and intuitive user interface and smooth integration with Gmail, Google Calendar works well for appointment scheduling, but it lacks the functionality to send outgoing text message reminders, email reminders, or phone reminders. This is a big problem, as not sending reminders inevitably means having more no-shows, which costs your bottom line. It’s much more effective to reduce no-shows preemptively with reminders (most commonly sms messages or emails) than to have to do follow up to reschedule and assess cancellation fees (if your office charges them).

Reminderly offers one of the only Google Calendar browser extensions that enables you to choose sms reminders, voice calls, or emails for each client. You can also use Reminderly without any extension at all. With our customizable templates and easy scheduling features, you can quickly create sms appointment reminders, emails, or call scripts and in no time have Reminderly sending the appropriate reminders for your upcoming Google Calendar events. When our clients implement a reminder system this way, they typically see a steep reduction in their no-show rate—sometimes as much as 90%—in a matter of weeks.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets, another popular Google app, is simply an online spreadsheet platform that many companies use it to keep track of their upcoming schedule. What differentiates Google Sheets from Microsoft Excel is that Google Sheets is cloud-based. That means your schedule file is always connected to the internet and updates automatically, whereas Excel stores your files right on your computer and updates according to your auto-save settings or just whenever you hit “save.”

Unlike other appointment reminder services, Reminderly is able to connect directly to your Google Sheets so that you have a fully automated spreadsheet solution. And indeed, Google Sheets is the only fully automated spreadsheet solution—something highly convenient for those who want use spreadsheets without having to upload a file daily.

Reminderly remembers your formatting choices about which columns contain which information (for example, client name, phone number, appointment date, appointment time), so you or your staff don’t have to waste time repeatedly “mapping the columns” as new appointments are added to your Google Sheets schedule (or your Excel file if you prefer to upload your schedules that way).

Other Reminderly calendar integrations

Reminderly also offers a range of fully-automated and semi-automated integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Calendly, API integrations, and more. If you have a question about how our reminder service could work for you, please reach out and we’ll find the perfect solution for your business!

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