Customer feedback that you can get from net promoter scores

Driving Customer Loyalty and Growth: The Essential Guide to Net Promoter Score and Reminder Communications

In the digital era, online presence is key to running a thriving business. Gauging how satisfied your customers are is a must for fine-tuning your business practices and growing your market. One metric that many companies use to keep tabs on client satisfaction is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Below, learn more about this vital metric, and how you can use your reminder message software to gather feedback.

What is Net Promoter Score?

First developed in 2003 by researchers at Bain & Company, Net Promoter Score uses the question "How likely is it that you would recommend our product/service/company to a friend or colleague?" to rank responses on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 is not at all likely, while 10 is extremely likely.

The feedback you receive allows you to separate your customers into three groups:


Respondents who list 9s or 10s are loyal and enthusiastic about your services or product. They drive word-of-mouth growth for your business, and they're crucial for any business looking to expand their reach.


Passives are respondents who give scores of 7 or 8. They may be satisfied with your services, but unlikely to mention them to others. They may also be swayed to other providers or products if they see a better opportunity.


Any score between 0 and 6 is considered a detractor. These are customers who are uninterested or dissatisfied with your company. Detractors are more likely to share negative reviews online, and provide negative word-of-mouth to friends and family.

Your base Net Promoter Score is determined by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. For example, if 80% of those surveyed list a 9 or 10, and 10% select a 6 or lower, your NPS is 70. The higher score you can achieve, the better for your business overall.

Why Net Promoter Score Matters

Enhanced Customer Service

Many NPS surveys combine the aforementioned question with a follow-up: Why did you select your ranking? This makes for a simple, quick survey that provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback. When promoters highlight an aspect of your business that they like, you know something that you're doing right. And when detractors offer their complaints or critiques, you can quickly identify areas for improvement.

Customer Loyalty

NPS allows you to be predictive in your business strategy and identify weaknesses that could lead to client loss or sluggish growth. With this proactive approach, you can address problems before your customers turn to your competitors for similar services or products.

Client Engagement

Your customers like to feel like they have a say in your business approach. Gathering feedback from customers shows that you're actively seeking to improve, and that you appreciate their insights into your upsides and drawbacks. Your customers will appreciate your proactive approach, allowing you to build trust with them.

How Reminder Messages Help You Build NPS

Reminder messages don't just keep clients informed of their schedule and reduce no shows. They can also be used to easily gather survey data that allows you to create a comprehensive Net Promoter Score. After a scheduled appointment, a friendly reminder text can include a quick survey link, inviting clients to share their thoughts in a compact format. To get the most out of this approach, here are a few tips to maximize the efficacy of these reminder texts.

Regularly Gauge Customer Satisfaction

It's important to keep your NPS updated, so you can determine whether any changes in your business have impacted client satisfaction. While some sources recommend a quarterly update, sending a brief survey after every client appointment ensures that you are aware of changing client perceptions before they become a larger issue for your business.

Take Action on Detractors

If you disregard negative feedback, it could lead to lower client retention and negative online reviews. Promptly dealing with dissatisfied customers shows them that you're invested in their satisfaction, and can help you resolve the issue that led to their disappointment in the first place. If managed correctly, you can see detractors turn into promoters. You can also incentivize return visits with special offers by way of apology for their sub-par experience.

Encourage Promoters to Spread the Word

Promoters are your biggest cheerleaders in the digital sphere, and you want to capitalize on that. Encouraging promoters to leave positive reviews on your social media channels is a big step toward building a robust social media presence. You may also consider implementing a loyalty or customer reward program to ensure that your promoters stay promoters for years to come.

Build Your Net Promoter Score With Reminderly

It might seem overwhelming if this is your first time hearing of NPS, but collecting this data doesn't have to be difficult. If you choose an appointment reminder software that integrates quick surveys, you can automate this process without burdening members of your team.

Reminderly offers a centralized, intuitive platform where you can schedule customizable appointment reminders, manage client responses, and send survey requests. With support for phone, email, and text reminders, and integration with most common calendar software, it's easy to offer this service to your customers. To see how easily Reminderly can integrate into your workflow, start your free no-risk trial today.

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