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Client Appointment Reminders: They're Not Just for Physicians

Many people assume that automatic appointment reminder services are primarily for medical businesses — dentists, physicians, optometrists.  Although medical offices do need to remind patients of their upcoming appointments, many other types of companies can also benefit from client appointment reminders. With appointment reminders, clients are much more likely to make it through the door.

No-show policies have limited effectiveness

As an alternative to reminders, some businesses have no-show policies that require the customer to pay for the appointment whether they show up or not. Unfortunately, many no-show policies are enforced sporadically at best–and when they are enforced, they result in long-term loss of revenue because unhappy customers don’t return.

Your customers want automated appointment reminders

By scheduling appointment reminders–especially reminders that go out through text or email–it’s possible to gently remind your customers of their upcoming appointments without wasting valuable time on the phone. Around 85% of adults want appointment reminders, so sending them is received as professional and helpful. And they can significantly reduce the number of no-show appointments and make it easier to keep a business thriving.

Example industries (by no means an exhaustive list)

Hair and nail salons

Many people schedule beauty appointments well in advance or on a recurring schedule. Unfortunately for the business owner, patrons frequently forget their upcoming appointments, leading to lost income. For the average stylist these lost appointments can be devastating. It’s even worse when the same customer is guilty of repeat offenses.

Home remodeling and contractors

All too often, contractors show up to scheduled jobs only to discover that they can’t get into the building because the client has forgotten that they were scheduled for that day. This can lead to lost work for an entire crew.

Personal trainers

Everyone wants to get in shape, and investing in personal training sessions can be the perfect way to ensure success. Unfortunately, when the time comes, many members forget their appointment. A quick appointment reminder, however, is often all it takes to get those clients back showing up on time and making the progress they want. Appointment reminders can be a great differentiator between you and other trainers, and it keeps clients coming through the door.

Insurance companies

With the changes in insurance laws, it has become more difficult for insurance companies to collect premiums from their customers.  Customers often forget to pay their bills, resulting in fees or loss of coverage. Sending email or text message reminders every month, and including a link to a payment page, greatly increases the percentage of customers that pay on time.

And many more...

There are a multitude of different services that can benefit from appointment reminders. In fact, any business that schedules appointments can reduce no-shows by at least 35% when they invest in an appointment reminder system. You’ve already gained the trust of your customer. Simply purchasing an appointment reminder system will ensure that they come through your door! Considering an appointment reminder system for your business? Contact us today!

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