Send automated text, voice, and email reminders to your clients reminding them of their upcoming appointments.
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Why Reminderly?

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Save time for everyone

Fits into your workflow. We work hard, so you don’t have to.
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Eliminate no-shows

Fill all of your available appointments.
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Find cancellations early

They want better communication. They want text messaging.
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Happy clients

When clients miss appointments, they are mad at you for not being able to get them in sooner
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Complete customization

customize your messages to meet your clients’ needs. Messages can be sent via text, voice, and/or email

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Customized messaging
Completely customize the content to meet your needs, even change the message based on the type of appointment.
Flexible integrations
We easily integrate with popular calendar and spreadsheet apps, and we have an api for custom integrations.
East to use
Intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to get started.  Easy account setup can be completed in minutes.
Schedule follow up reminders
Send monthly or annual reminders for patients to schedule follow-up appointments to prevent additional custom communication.
Multi-language support
Our standard package supports English and Spanish, but contact our support team if you need additional languages.
Customized messaging
Customers can respond via text, touch tone response, or call the number back.
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