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Boosting Your Brand with Online Reviews: Easily Automate The Process Text Message Surveys

In today's business environment, cultivating an online presence has never been more important. Online reviews act like digital word of mouth, helping you extend your brand's reach and attract new clients. Positive reviews tell new clients that they can trust your products or services, while negative reviews can encourage potential clients to look elsewhere. If you're not sure how to effectively build your brand across social media and internet platforms, the guide below offers some tips for using text reminders to your customers to encourage new reviews.

Why Online Reviews Matter

When customers are faced with multiple options, whether they're picking a spot to eat or finding a new healthcare provider, they're only a few clicks or taps away from finding online reviews. In fact, studies show that more than 90% of people look for online reviews before they solicit a local business, and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as the opinions of people they know. Glowing reviews for your business help clients choose your business without second guessing themselves.

When people share their experiences with your business, it builds your credibility and helps you identify your business strengths. Even negative reviews can be useful, as they let you pinpoint where your business needs to improve. Later on, we'll share some tips for managing negative reviews to come out on top.

The Challenges of Online Reviews

The same thing that makes the internet so powerful--information at your fingertips--also makes it hard to build your internet presence if you're starting from scratch. Your customers are busy, and even if they love your business, it can be hard to convert their positive impressions into an online review. That's where text reminders come in.

Using Text Reminders to Build Online Reviews

Collecting feedback is as easy as using your appointment reminder software to send automated text reminders after a client has visited your business. Within 24 hours of their visit, send them a follow-up text reminder inviting them to take a quick survey. This survey only takes a minute or two, but it gives you valuable insight into customer satisfaction.

You can use an automated message asking your clients to write you a review on your business page. Using a link for easy access, a satisfied client can leave their positive words in minutes, and the impact can benefit your business for years to come.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Bad reviews are inevitable. Whether a client caught your staff on a bad day or there's an aspect of your services that could be improved, negative feedback is a key insight into your business processes. The most important of managing negative reviews is quick, proactive response.

Using your text message appointment reminders to send follow-up surveys, you get early insight into areas where clients are dissatisfied, and you can address them before they lead to unhappy reviews online. Your software should immediately notify you if a customer responds negatively to your survey.

Using Reminderly to Collect Online Reviews

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