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Appointment Reminders Boost Clientele Wellness

Wellness is for everyone

Clientele wellness is increasingly the focus of small businesses and large businesses alike. Wellness cannot be underrated and cannot be purchased. The businesses that support wellness, however, require support and flexibility to cater to the needs of their clients. Reminderly is a perfect appointment reminder service that offers flexible pricing and customizable appointment reminder software aimed at ensuring companies and providers have the ease and convenience of automated appointment reminders so that they can cater to the needs of their customers.

Industries aimed at wellness are everywhere, whether it be counseling, exercise classes, or physician visits. While many of these services may feel out of reach because they require appointments and have limited availability, appointment reminder systems removes many of the barriers that prevent clients from reaching their wellness goals. Many exercise classes fill up quickly and have no-show fees. Hair removal services similarly require appointments and have no-show fees. These fees apply across the board, regardless of the industry. Missed appointments not only reduce a client’s access to wellness industries, but they disrupt workflow and negatively impact both the client’s finances and stress. Many of these services are hard to reschedule and may result in significant wait times, further distancing clients from the services that they seek to improve their quality of life.

Each of these problems, however, is avoidable. With Reminderly, no-show rates drop as patients receive notifications about upcoming appointments and offer easy methods for appointment scheduling. Out reminder service offers fully customizable templates perfect for healthcare companies and all types of wellness services.

Three ways that Reminderly removes barriers to wellness

The Stress Barrier

Patients seeking services to support their well-being may be forgetful or stressed leading up to their appointments. These very services that provide greater peace of mind and health may be challenging to receive. Such services that are purchased to reduce stress may be challenging to even schedule as clients struggle with distractions. For providers, they have already done the difficult part of getting a new client. Reminderly ensures that those clients now make their appointment. Providers have full access to fully customizable scripts for email reminders, sms reminders, and phone calls so that the reminders meet your clients' needs.

The Financial Barrier

Many patients do not have expendable income to spend on no-show fees. Wellness requires time and financial commitments that need not include missed appointment charges. No-show fees greatly increase patient stress and financial burdens. Many of these very services that are challenging for clients to receive are even aimed at improving financial stability, yet are challenging to receive. These services may include accounting services, financial planning, or appointments for consultations. However, as a service provider, these fees help to ensure that clients make their meetings with you a priority. The best solution is a simple appointment reminder to ensure clients make their appointments and don't incur any no-show fees.

The Re-booking Barrier

When patients attend wellness appointments, they are significantly more likely to re-book and continue their journey to emotional, physical, and financial health. The converse is also true, one missed appointment greatly increases the likelihood that the patient will never return. Reminderly offers easy access to text message reminders that ensures that your clients keep coming back.

Three ways that Reminderly supports the wellness of providers:

Provider Stress

Provider stressors can take a significant toll on the wellness of individual employees as well as the business. Running a practice or small business in inherently stressful. In addition to offering service and care, businesses must attract new clients, train and retain, and much more. Making sure clients show for their appointments doesn't need to be one of these additional stressors. Reminderly makes it extremely easy to send reminders and ensure patients show for their appointments.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is also important to any business or practice that thrives. Whether that be the opportunity to grow into more practice locations, or the ability to pay the best professionals, or to pay for the best facilities for clients, any business, regardless of the size, needs reliable income sources to further maintain these goals. Missed appointments can have a large detrimental impact on your business's bottom line. Appointment reminder systems like Reminderly taking the guess work out of client retention and offering fully automated and fully customizable reminder services that build and solidify relationships between patients and providers. Patients can easily call or text you back, and you can even send out patient surveys directly from Reminderly. These easy to use communication tools make it your patients feel connected to your business.

Learning Curves

Any and all industries face learning curves, not only at the beginning of their practice career, but also the learning curve many providers face with new technologies and research. Many businesses need to upgrade the technology or tools that they utilize to provide the best and most effective services to their clients. However, at Reminderly, we believe that best technology should be easy to use. We have worked hard to make our software intuitive to use. We're here to help you or your staff have questions, but most of the time people can get up and running in minutes with no training required. The learning curve that businesses face does not need to include appointment reminders -- we know you have a lot on your plate, we don't want to add to it!

Three reasons Reminderly is the perfect appointment reminder service for your business

Affordable Pricing

Reminderly offers a superior product for an average price. Our pricing is based on the number of messages that you send and receive each month. We don't have any setup fees or and we don't require long-term contracts. We offer a free 14 day trial so you can be sure Reminderly is right for you before you even have to give us a credit card.

Client Retention

Client retention begins with a client’s first visit and the trust established between the provider and the client. That trust is solidified through repeat interactions and repeated positive experiences. Reminderly offers a solution that takes the time and effort out of client communication so that providers can focus on actually taking care of their clients. Whether or not this be appointment reminder messages, post appointment surveys, or promotional text messages, Reminderly offers you a complete communication solution that your clients will appreciate.

Customization to meet your clients' needs

With Reminderly, you can completely customize your reminders. Depending on your client population, you may need text reminders, voice reminders, or email reminders. You may need to include additional information based on your appointment type. For example, you may want to add additional information when you book a new client. Your you may need to send an automated follow-up message 24 hours after your appointment. Reminderly was built from the ground up with flexibility and customization in mind. So no matter your needs, we can help. If you have any questions about how we can be customized for you, feel free to contact us.

Reminderly is there for you!

The wellness services that you provide are critical for your clients. Patient reminders are just the easiest way to make sure that your clients come in to receive care from you. We've worked hard to make sure that our service is easy for you to use - with flexible pricing and fully customizable scripts, you can focus on what you do best, and let us automatically take care of your reminders for you.

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