Google Calendar Signup

Welcome to Reminderly!

Thank you for signing up for your paid Reminderly account.  We are excited to help you with your appointment reminders.

Though you need to do 1 last step

  1. Share your Google Calendar with us: You will need to give our servers access to your Google Calendars.  It is a simple process that only takes one minute
  2. Why we need access
    1. We need to see what calendars you have so that we can automatically add them to your Reminderly account.
    2. We need to be able to read your calendar appointments so that we send send the appointment reminders to your customers for you.
    3. We need to be able to write to your calendar so that we can put your customers’ responses directly in your meeting invites.
  3. Your privacy: We take your privacy very seriously.  We also keep your data private and safe!  And we NEVER sell your data.  See our detailed privacy policy at 


Share your Google Calendar with us by clicking here.