Net Promoter Score-Key Metric for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the foundation for sustainable growth for any business. If your customers are not satisfied with your services, two damaging things can happen. First, the dissatisfied customer will most likely seek the services of another provider. Second, depending upon the level of dissatisfaction, your customer may become an active detractor and damage your […]

Client Appointment Reminders: They’re Not Just for Physicians

Many people assume that automatic appointment reminder services are primarily for medical businesses — dentists, physicians, optometrists. ¬†Although these companies do need to remind patients of their upcoming appointment, most companies can also benefit from client appointment reminders. With appointment reminders, clients are much more likely to make it through the door.


No-show policies have […]

Why Choose Reminder Text Messages or Emails for Your Medical Practice?

You already understand that sending out appointment reminders is an important part of bringing your patients into the office when the time for their appointment rolls around. Historically, these reminders have been accomplished through phone calls: first by a nurse or receptionist, then through an automated system. The next generation of appointment reminders takes patient […]